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Jazz Bell

Executive Assistant to Brynja Bell


Team RentWithBB 

Jazz is one of two Executive Assistants to Brynja Bell - Property Manager.

Together, Jazz & Nicky provide exceptional administrative support to Brynja, bringing you this top performing Property Management team! All three have worked hard to develop a dynamic and efficient team structure, bringing out the best in each other as a three-for-one deal.

Brynja Bell as RentWithBB, is New Zealand's top Property Manager for Ray White New Zealand 2020 (Winner - Property Manager of the Year 2020) 

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The skills Jazz has learned through achieving her Bachelor of Teaching degree have translated well into the property management world. Her organization, flexibility, and initiative are valuable to achieving positive results.

Jazz provides extensive and vital support, taking care of a never-ending myriad of behind the scenes tasks in a professional manner. You'll find her consistently going above & beyond, working to the same ethos that clients have trusted Brynja Bell with for nearly two decades.

Jazz’s communication skills have proven to be highly beneficial to tenants, landlords, and contractors since joining the Ray White team.

Through her studies of the Residential Property Management Level 4 certificate, Jazz brings knowledge, fresh insights, and an impressive navigation of the Residential Tenancies Act, Amendments, and the Healthy Homes regulations relating to property management.

Having traveled in her younger years to Europe, Australia, the Pacific Islands and through New Zealand, Jazz is adaptable and appreciates all walks of life.

In saying that, she is definitely proud to be a Mount Maunganui local, and absolutely loves spending time down at the beach!  Having spent her whole life (so far) living in the Bay of Plenty, she has a great appreciation for the area and community.

Working alongside the team here at Ray White has been an enjoyable experience for Jazz, as she strives to learn and refine her knowledge and abilities.

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