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Nicky Pow

Executive Assistant to Brynja Bell


Team RentWithBB

Nicky is one of two Executive Assistants to Brynja Bell - Property Manager.

Together, Nicky & Jazz provide exceptional administrative support to Brynja, bringing you this top performing Property Management team! All three have worked hard to develop a dynamic and efficient team structure, bringing out the best in each other as a three-for-one deal.

Brynja Bell as RentWithBB, is New Zealand's top Property Manager for Ray White New Zealand 2020 (Winner - Property Manager of the Year 2020) 

P A P A M O A    |    M T   M A U N G A N U I    |   T A U R A N G A

Nicky joined the RentWithBB team in 2021, as additional support to Brynja, working alongside Jazz.

Originally from Christchurch, Nicky has lived at “The Mount” over 10 years and considers herself a local these days! Having lived overseas for a few years in the meantime, she decided to come home to the best place in NZ…. here! When not in the office, you’ll find Nicky coaching gymnastics, her other passion in life, mentoring and motivating young athletes within our community. She loves a good coffee, a wine and is currently working on minimising her online shopping habits.

Nicky has a strong administrative background, and while clearly an expert at time management, she loves the challenges of a changing and dynamic work day. Considering the Property Management environment means that no two days are the same, we think she’s a great fit! 

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