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Suzzanne Khull

Property Manager

I am passionate about property management and I have worked in real estate and property management for a number of years.   I personally own rental properties in Tauranga and I have gained the NZQA qualification, NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management Level 4.  I am very professional and very much goal orientated in getting the best possible return for investors.

I have an extensive background in Office Management and understand the importance of ensuring processes are correct and accurate at all times including keeping up to date with current Residential Tenancies Act legislation, which will provide the best possible outcome for tenants and landlords.  Matching a home to the most suitable tenant is one of the things I love most about my role as a Property Manager.  I also love the fast paced environment and sorting out any challenging situations when they arise, that some landlords may not like sorting out themselves. 

My policy on Rent Arrears is a Zero Tolerance!

I have built great relationships with selected tradesman who I trust, are competively priced and understand what is required when it comes to the management of your property.

My excellent communication and dedication is key.  This enables investors the best stress free outcome!

All Properties Available for Rent including up to date tenant and landlord information are posted to my Social Media Pages: @SUZZYPM {Facebook} or @suzzypmrentals {Instagram}Check them out!


  • 2022/2023 - Executive Performer
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